Top 3 Most Important Things To Know About Alimony Cases

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The court looks at very specific factors in determining whether it will order alimony

  1. The first thing the court looks at is the standard of living enjoyed by the parties during the marriage. The court may award one person more alimony than another.  This can happen even if they have the same number of children and the same income. This is because one party may be used to having more money to live on.
  2. The court then will almost always treat both parties as though they have a full time job. The court can treat a party as though he or she was employed. They will base this on prior work history or other reliable evidence about what the underemployed person could earn. Our attorneys have experience preparing this kind of evidence for court. Often the court uses alimony to give both parties comparable standards of living.
  3. Lastly, alimony will not be ordered if the paying spouse cannot afford it after personal expenses which the court determines to be reasonable. For example, even if the parties do not have equal incomes, the court generally will not order a party with net income of less than $2,500 to pay alimony.

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