Guardians ad Litem

“It is the Guardians ad Litem duty to stand in the shoes of the child and to weigh the factors as the child would weigh them if his judgment were mature and he was not of tender years.”J.W.F v. Schoolcraft, 763 P.2d 1217, 1222 (Utah Ct. App. 1988)

In Utah family law, Guardians ad Litem (GALs) serve a vital role, advocating for the best interests of children involved in legal proceedings such as divorce, custody disputes, and other cases involving child welfare. This blog post will explore the purpose, qualifications, and profound impact GALs can have on these cases.  

Understanding the Role of a Guardian ad Litem

A GAL is a specially appointed advocate whose sole responsibility is to represent the best interests of children in family law cases. By voicing the needs and concerns of children in court, GALs help ensure that every legal decision considers the child’s welfare above all else.  

Qualifications and Training for Guardians ad Litem in Utah

To become a GAL in Utah, individuals are required to hold a law degree and have experience in family law or child advocacy. Additionally, they must undergo comprehensive training by Utah State Courts, equipping them with the necessary expertise to effectively advocate for children.  

The Appointment Process for Guardians ad Litem

GALs in Utah are appointed through a process dictated by state statutes and court rules. They can be requested by any party involved in the case or appointed at the judge’s discretion. Once appointed, GALs undertake thorough investigations, interview involved parties, and compile reports that assist the court in making decisions prioritizing the child’s best interests.  

Misconceptions about Guardians ad Litem

It is important to clarify that GALs are independent advocates for the child and do not represent the interests of the parents or other parties. Furthermore, while GALs offer recommendations based on their assessments, they do not make any final decisions. Instead, they provide the court with the necessary information to make well-informed decisions regarding the child’s welfare.  

The Impact of Guardians ad Litem

The insights provided by GALs are invaluable. They bring clarity to the child’s situation and needs, ensuring that the court’s decisions are made with the best possible understanding of the child’s circumstances. Their advocacy plays a crucial role in shaping outcomes that are just and beneficial for the child involved.  


Guardians ad Litem are indispensable in ensuring that children’s interests are prioritized in Utah family law cases. By thoroughly understanding the role and function of GALs, families and legal professionals can navigate the complexities of family law more effectively.  

At Christensen Law, protecting families and children’s interests in family law cases is our top priority. Our attorneys offer years of expertise in GAL proceedings. For more insights on GALs or to schedule a consultation, visit our Guardian ad Litem FAQ or contact Christensen Law at (801)303-5800.  

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