Winning Your Lawsuit

Your attorney’s ability to help you in winning your lawsuit will likely depend on a few things. How much information you are able to provide him or her about your situation, for example.  It doesn’t matter whether you want to sue somebody or whether they want to sue you.

If you intend to sue, you have the burden to prove that someone has wronged you. You also have to prove that the other side bears responsibility. If you being sued, you will want to be able to show how it is the other side is wrong or produce evidence of your affirmative defenses—the reasons you should win even if what the other side says is true.

How To Hire The Right Attorney

When you hire your attorney, be sure to provide as much relevant information and documentation as you can upfront so that your attorney can better understand your situation and can help you make the right moves early on. As the lawsuit progresses, you will likely be asked by the other side to provide other information. Help your attorney answer these requests.

When you reach trial, if you have carefully provided records and documentation, your attorney will be able to have the benefit of all relevant information at his or her fingertips and will be able to ensure that the judge and/or jury hear everything that helps your case.

At Christensen Law, we can help you with all stages of your lawsuit.