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What is Product Liability?


Product liability refers to the legal obligation held by manufacturers, distributors, and sellers concerning injuries resulting from defective products. When a product proves unreasonably dangerous, beyond what an ordinary buyer would expect, or is defective, those involved in its production and distribution may be held accountable for resulting injuries.

Common categories of product liability cases include:

  1. Defective Design: Products inherently flawed in design, posing unforeseen dangers to users.
  2. Manufacturing Defects: Errors or faults occurring during production, leading to products differing from intended specifications.
  3. Failure to Warn: Negligence in providing adequate warnings or instructions regarding potential risks associated with product usage.

Typical areas susceptible to product liability issues encompass:

  1. Pharmaceuticals and Medications: Which could include medications and devices causing harmful side effects or defects.
  2. Automobiles and Auto Parts: Involving defective components like airbags or brakes leading to accidents and injuries.
  3. Electronics: Including devices prone to overheating, explosions, or electric shocks.
  4. Children’s Toys and Products: Covering items with choking hazards, dangerous chemicals, or flawed components.
  5. Household Appliances: Ranging from kitchen appliances to power tools posing hazards due to defects.
  6. Cosmetics: Spanning skincare, makeup, or haircare products containing harmful ingredients or triggering allergic reactions.
  7. Recreational Equipment: Encompassing helmets, exercise machines, or bicycles causing injuries during use.
  8. Industrial and Construction Equipment: Encompassing machinery, scaffolding, and safety gear liable to malfunction or failure.

Statue of Limitations Under Utah Law: 

In Utah, claims must be initiated within two years from the discovery of both the product-related harm and its cause.

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