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Premises Liability

What is premises liability? 

Premises liability encompasses the legal principle that property owners or occupiers bear responsibility for maintaining safe conditions on their premises. When individuals are injured due to hazardous conditions on another person's property, the property owner or occupier may be held liable for those injuries under premises liability laws.

Common Scenarios Leading to Premises Liability Claims Include:

  1. Slip and Fall Accidents: Wet floors, uneven surfaces, or debris can cause slip and fall accidents, resulting in injuries ranging from minor bruises to severe fractures.
  2. Trip and Fall Accidents: Poorly maintained walkways, inadequate lighting, or obstructions in pathways can lead to trip and fall accidents, causing injuries such as sprains, strains, and head trauma.
  3. Inadequate Maintenance: Neglecting to repair or replace damaged infrastructure, such as broken handrails or loose floorboards, can create hazardous conditions that contribute to accidents and injuries.
  4. Negligent Security: Property owners have a duty to provide adequate security measures to protect visitors from foreseeable harm, such as assaults or robberies resulting from inadequate security protocols.
  5. Dog Bites or Animal Attacks: Pet owners are responsible for controlling their animals to prevent attacks on visitors or passersby, and they may be held liable for injuries caused by their pets.
  6. Swimming Pool Accidents: Property owners with swimming pools must adhere to safety regulations to prevent drowning accidents, including proper fencing, supervision, and maintenance of pool equipment.
  7. Elevator or Escalator Incidents: Malfunctioning elevators or escalators can pose serious risks to individuals using them, potentially resulting in injuries due to mechanical failures or lack of maintenance.

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