How To Speed Up The Divorce Process

Question About The Divorce Process

I owned the home prior to our marriage we have filed for divorce but are in the 90 day wait period, can I force her to move out? I purchased the home nearly 20 years before our marriage. we got married only 8 years earlier. When I told her I wanted a divorce that very day she moved her homeless brother in and both are refusing to move out. The divorce papers have been filed we are in the waiting period. Do I just have to wait until the 90 days or is there something I can do now?


If you have an agreement about what terms will be in the divorce decree, you can ask the court to waive the 90 day waiting period. If the court grants that motion, you can get divorced now. I think this will be the fastest and cheapest way to get quick possession. However, you cannot have your wife evicted in this situation, a divorce court would have to make a determination of what each parties rights are. If you do not have an agreement to the terms of a divorce, I would file a request for temporary orders now. You do not have to wait 90 days to get a temporary order. You should also consider mediation if you do not have an agreement as to the terms, but the temporary motion will give you the best chance at a quick decision.