A Few Things To Know About Divorce And Life Insurance

Question About Divorce and Life Insurance

I have a question about Divorce and Life Insurance. Divorce states ex maintain life insurance policy naming me as owner/ beneficiary he purchased accidental life insurance? Divorce states life insurance of 100k to cover the loss of alimony. I am not the owner of the policy and accidental life insurance is not life insurance. Is he in contempt? It’s been a year and he won’t talk to me. FYI He left me after 25 years.



The court will enforce the plain meaning of the Decree. He may be in contempt if the alimony order is still in effect. Before you raise this issue with the court, send a written request that he provide proof of a general life insurance policy that is not limited to accidental death. I would give him ten days to reply. If he does not reply you can attach your written request to your motion for contempt. I interpret your question to mean that you are to be the beneficiary. He would not be in contempt if he did not make you the owner.