How do I file for divorce if I do not know all of my spouses information? And, my spouse is uncooperative.

Question About Divorce Information Utah

I need some divorce information in Utah. We separated years ago. And now that I am trying to file online I do not know all of his information in order to fill out the paperwork. I have tried asking my spouse for the information and he will not reply. I am not sure how to file without having the paperwork complete.


Generally, the court will allow you to file for divorce even if the information requested for the other party is not provided. I would put “unknown” or give an estimate (on such things as education) as to your spouse’s information or leave it blank. The most important information for your spouse will be the address for work or home so that you can serve the Divorce Petition. If you do not have an address and he will not provide it, you can file a motion for permission to serve him electronically, as a text image or an email attachment. Once you get into the case, the court will likely order you to mediate. If you cannot afford an attorney, it would be worth your time to pay for an hour of advice on questions you have about your rights.