How To Enforce Custody Rights

Question About Custody Rights

I have a question about custody rights. My ex-husband took my son for the weekend and never brought him back. Now he is trying to have me put in jail for back child support. I’m a single mom just had twins no job what can I do?



I will assume that the Divorce Decree gives you custodial rights. Legal Aid may be able to help you enforce those without charge (801)328-8849. I would contact them quickly and file a motion with the court as soon as possible. Waiting to enforce your custody rights may result in a change of custody. If your son stays with his dad for very long, the court may leave him there rather than disrupt his living situation again. However, if you act now the court will enforce its current order. The court will want you to go to mediation first. You should at least ask the mediation to be set up now through the court. Click on my link “Mediation Tips” below for more information.