How To Battle Custody And Drug Abuse

Question About A Custody Battle

I have a question about my custody battle. How does my single son obtain custody of his child in the state of Utah? My son and his girlfriend have a two-year-old together. They had been living together until recently and the mom has moved into her mother’s house. Mom is doing drugs and living in a known house for drug abuse. She is a good mom when she is not doing drugs and loves her daughter. Mom was recently admitted to hospital for attempting suicide. My son has the baby with him and provides all care.


If your son wants custody, he should not voluntarily agree to return the child to the mother when she gets out of the hospital. He should file for custody while she is in the hospital to demonstrate that he is the acting custodian based on her actions. This is the type of case where an investment in an attorney now could pay big dividends down the road to secure a custody award. If you want tips on what to put in a custody order click on my link “Custody Order” below.


Peter ChristensenHow To Battle Custody And Drug Abuse