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One of the most tragic things in life is when a loved one dies prematurely. Whether it is from an accident or violence, it is painful to the family members. The tragic departure of someone is a loss that will not adequately be filled. As tragic as such a death can be, the tragedy is often compounded when family members do not receive reasonable compensation for the loss. At Christensen Law, we aggressively pursue all our cases to pursue the rights of our clients.

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In a Utah wrongful death lawsuit, the family members may be entitled to receive money for funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of future wages, pain and suffering of family members, and other such things, as well as punitive damages. There is a two-year deadline for pursuing a claim.

Wrongful death lawsuits are always tricky matters and need strongly experienced attorneys to protect the rights of loved ones. A Utah wrongful death lawsuit can be pursued against anyone who may be responsible for the death of a loved one. It could be an individual, a corporation, or a government entity, that may have failed in a duty. In many cases, multiple parties could have failed in their duty of care.

It is very important to avoid mistakes in your Utah wrongful death lawsuit. It takes a lot of time to properly build a case and it can be very difficult to do so while grieving. Our wrongful death attorneys can help you through the necessary steps that will bring you the compensation that you deserve. Even though the money will never fully compensate you for the pain of the loss of the loved one, you deserve fair and reasonable compensation.

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