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Accidents with commercial vehicles, including semi-truck accident, involve very different issues than a typical car accident. At Christensen Law, with more than 30 years experience, we understand the very specific issues involved in semi-truck accidents and tractor-trailer accidents. Semi-truck accidents can be very costly to pursue and to properly investigate. If done wrong, the case could fall apart.

It is essential to retain an aggressive and knowledgeable personal injury firm to pursue your case. To speak with a Salt Lake City attorney experienced in semi-truck accidents, call (801) 303-5800 today.

Litigating a semi-truck accident requires extensive pretrial investigation, using multiple experts. There are complicated matters of insurance, with multiple parties and multiple carriers. All of which will do their best to deny you recovery.

Causes of Accidents that Could Give You a Case

There are a lot of different ways to pursue a semi-truck accident case. Often, cases can be won by citing the carelessness of the operator. Other times, the best potential claim is regarding improper or negligent maintenance of the truck or trailer. Perhaps the driver was poorly trained or supervised or has a history of violations. If the causes of the accident you experienced include ANY of the following, you could have a strong case to receive compensation:

  1. Brake failure
  2. Tire blowout
  3. Auto part or vehicle defect
  4. Driver’s sleep deprivation
  5. Drinking while driving a tractor-trailer
  6. Prescription or over-the-counter drug use
  7. Unsecured or overweight load

As truck accident attorneys dedicated to our clients, we pursue any party that could be responsible for your compensation — anybody from the owners of the truck and trailer, the company tasked with loading the truck, the corporation responsible for maintenance or the driver directly involved in the accident.

Factors that Could Affect Your Case

Occasionally, the vehicle can cause its own hazard. Improper loading and improper inspections can happen and cause an accident further down the road. Mechanical breakdowns during operation can lead to loss of control and cause hazards to other drivers. And in Utah, with our wide range of weather, a poorly loaded or maintained semi-truck is especially dangerous.

Additionally, any time a car has an accident with a large commercial vehicle, the size and weight of the commercial vehicle increase the danger of death and serious bodily injury to anyone involved in the truck accident.

Semi-truck accidents often result in traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, major damage to the neck and back, and other life-threatening conditions. Liability for a semi-truck or other commercial vehicle accident can fall on the truck driver. It can fall on the driver’s employer, the truck or trailer manufacturer, or the company that owns the cargo.

Driver fatigue is the most common cause of semi-truck accidents. Federal law governs the amount of time a driver can drive on the road without a break, how many hours to take between shifts, and how many hours a driver can log during a given week.

Other Important Things to Know

Sometimes drivers falsify their driving logs. Some companies may implicitly or explicitly require their operators to falsify their records to comply with unrealistic scheduling demands. Sleepy drivers are often the result.

Unfortunately, many truck drivers push the limits and drive too long at night. Sporadic and random sleep schedules and an unhealthy diet can cause fatigue. Also, too much time spent loading and unloading can further exacerbate the problem. The federal government estimates that 30% of all semi-truck accidents result from driver fatigue.

We want you to receive full compensation for your injuries and we don’t want you to suffer more by hiring attorneys that do not understand how to pursue these unique cases. Have questions about your truck accident case? Schedule a consultation today!

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