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In instances where a child's safety and well-being might be at risk during visits with a parent, the state of Utah provides a safeguard through supervised visitation. As outlined in Title 30, Chapter 3 of the Utah Code, the courts may mandate supervised visitation to ensure a child's safety or emotional health during parental visits. Such measures are typically considered in situations involving domestic violence, substance abuse, or mental health concerns of a parent.

It's crucial to understand that supervised visitation arrangements vary significantly from one case to another. The choice of supervisor—whether a professional or a mutually agreed-upon third party like a grandparent—depends on the specific circumstances of the parents. The terms of supervision can also differ widely, with some arrangements requiring the children and supervised parents to constantly be in the supervisor’s line of sight, while others may not. These specifications are determined on an individual basis.

Some guardian ad litem attorneys and judges will rely on the following guidelines when proposing or ordering supervised visitation:

Visitation Guideline Sample  
  1. The supervisor must be present during visitation, and supervision begins the moment the child arrives. The supervisor has the authority to end the visit.
  2. All contact between child(ren) and the supervised parent shall take place within the supervisor’s hearing and sight.
  3. Both parents will adhere to the supervisor’s guidance at exchange and during scheduled visitation. Non-compliance with guidelines or challenging the authority of the supervisor must be reported to the child(ren)’s attorney.
  4.  It is the responsibility of the supervised parent to arrange for a supervisor previously agreed upon by the parties or selected by the Guardian ad Litem.   If the supervised parent is unable to find someone from the approved supervisors, then the parent can arrange for paid supervised visitation with a professional agency as approved by the parties.
  5. Family members, friends, or any third parties present during visitation must comply with these rules and guidelines. If anyone is in violation of these rules and guidelines, it is the duty of the supervisor to stop the violation or end the visit and remove the child(ren) from the presence of the offending person(s).

It's important to note that supervised visitation is designed as a temporary measure. The court will conduct follow-up hearings to assess the parents' progress and work towards ending the supervised visitation arrangement.

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