What To Do About A Domestic Violence Charge

Question About Domestic Violence

My first assault charge. Me and my girlfriend got into an argument. No hitting just pushing. She called the cops to scare me and  I got arrested with domestic violence and assault with no mark on her. I went to jail for 2 days, 3 nights. And I have a protective order against me.

My citation does not state I have a domestic violence charge on paper At all though? Would I do jail time? How could we get the protective order removed? I can’t do jail time for not even having a mark on her, right? I had video court and the judge issued a release but I have to go to court in a week. My girlfriend is pregnant and NEEDS me. She’s messaging me on Facebook telling me it was a mistake. I asked the judge for a public defender, but I did not reply to her messages. I just need help. Anybody.


Do not communicate with your girlfriend -no matter what she says. She does not determine whether you violate the protective order. Listen to your attorney. Pushing may be enough for a conviction. However, if this is your first offense, you may be able to plea in abeyance to a non domestic violence charge. This means it can be dismissed on good behavior. If the protective order stays in place, ask for the right to arrange for parent time at least by text or email. Do not talk with your girlfriend about anything the court does not specifically allow.