What Is The Time Limit For Divorce Stipulation


Time limit for divorce stipulation? I drew up the papers for our divorce stipulation and emailed my spouse a copy, two weeks ago. He said he still hasn’t looked them over. Is there a feasible time allotment to getting an answer back? How long should I wait? What is the next step after this?


There are time limits for parties to respond to a divorce petition. However, there is no obligation for your husband to respond to an informal email from you. In order to enforce deadlines, you need to open a new case with the court and serve him with your Petition for Divorce in the way described in Rule 4 of the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure. Once you do that he will have 21 days to respond. If he does not respond, you can ask the court to sign a divorce decree without him response. This is called a default divorce decree. It is better for you to file the petition sooner rather than later because the court cannot, without special permission, sign your divorce decree until at least 90 days after you open the court case. After you file the petition, you have 120 days to serve your husband formally. If you reach an agreement, you may want to click on my blog below called “Enforceable Agreements” for tips on creating a proper order. If you do not agree, you may want to consider mediation and click on my blog link below called “Mediation Tips”.


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What Is The Time Limit For Divorce Stipulation