What Is The Process Of Uncontested Divorce?

Question About Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce, my wife is willing to sign the divorce papers. My wife and I are ready to sign the divorce papers, we don’t have any children or joint assets … Joint bank account closed and any other joint bills were canceled … We just want to get this happen, how much would it cost us to hire a lawyer, and is it worth it?? filling by ourselves ?? What do you think of those websites that help to file??


How long it takes to put this package together will determine your costs for an attorney since they generally bill at an hourly rate. You also have the court filing fee of about $318. I agree that even in a simple case like yours it is worth a couple of hours to sit down with an attorney and have him prepare the documents you have. It would be helpful for you to email a word document with all of the terms you have agreed to. You should also gather proof of your individual and joint debts, your individual assets and your retirement accounts, if any.

The last statements on each of these will provide necessary details to a property or debt division. You should make full disclosure at this point so that if one of you has a problem later, there will be no claim to set aside the agreement. It does not sound like either of you are asking for alimony, but have income and expense information for that claim to avoid future issues. Even if you decide to submit your own papers, you should hire an attorney to look over them. He can see if your agreement is complete and sound.