How To Deal With Waiting For A Temp Order


How long is a temp order wait in Davis county?


Temporary orders in Davis County must be heard first by Commissioner Dillon. The first step is to file a Petition for Custody/Divorce. Then you must file a motion for temporary orders and set that on the Commissioner’s calendar. There are several things that can slow you down, but generally, you can have the next available date which is about 4 weeks from filing. Obstacle one: you must serve the petition on the other party at least 21 days before the hearing. Obstacle 2: you must serve the motion 14 days before the hearing. Then, Obstacle 3: you must take the divorce education class before temporary orders if you are getting a divorce. Lastly, Obstacle 4: the court freely grants one-time extensions to the other party for a good reason. If you have questions on your proposed order compare to the check list in the link “Custody Orders”.


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How To Deal With Waiting For A Temp Order