Can I Bring My Child to Divorce Court in Utah?

When it comes to bringing your child to a Utah divorce court, the answer is almost always no.  The judge or commissioner will not be pleased to see a child in the courtroom during the parents’ divorce proceedings.  The Court will view the parent bringing the child as acting inappropriately.  Exceptions include if the court has already decided that a child should testify or interview with a judicial officer.

For a number of compelling reasons, parents should not involve their children in their disagreements. A parent that places their child in the middle of a fight with the other parent is not helping the child.


Should Your Child Speak In Divorce Court?

Admittedly, children may be involved in a serious situation where their voice needs to be heard. Often, this need is met by the appointment of a guardian ad litem (GAL). The GAL can speak with the child and then attend hearings. The GAL will be able to work with the parents to address concerns and reach a resolution, whether through settlement or trial.