Utah Bicycle Accident Attorneys

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Bicycling increases in popularity every year.  Many people hit the road or trail for fun or for transportation. And many people have invested a lot of money in their bikes.

Bicycle accidents are an unfortunate side effect of riding a bike.  Utah bike accidents can occur for a variety of reasons and in a large variety of locations.  In Utah, almost a thousand bicyclists are killed or injured each year.

Accidents can occur on the road or the trail.   A helmet can help but is not required in Utah. The failure to wear a helmet will not prevent you from recovering damages from your bike accident.

Bicycles are vehicles for the purpose of the law and subject to operating rules including obeying traffic signs and signals. Bicyclists do have some special provisions, as well, so it is important to know the laws unique to bicycles, as well as general traffic laws.

Bicycle accidents involve special and unique issues not found in other personal injury matters.   Bike accidents need to be handled by strong and capable attorneys, that will aggressively pursue your case, even against fierce insurance company opposition.

Getting a good bike accident settlement requires unique skills and talents and an exceptional bicycle accident attorney.  At Christensen Law, we will fight to get your medical bills paid, your bike repaired, and your pain and suffering compensated.

Accidents can occur from driver error, cyclist error, weather conditions, or road conditions, or a combination of those factors. Time of day is often an important issue as well.

Sometimes there is no moving motor vehicle involved at all, such as when someone suddenly opens a car door or when two bicycles collide on a trail.

If you are hit by a car, you should report the accident immediately.  Failing to report the accident will make your case much more difficult and could interfere with your ability to collect damages.

Try to collect information from any witness, but don’t communicate much with the driver except to exchange information.

Do take pictures of all your injuries from your bike accident, including damage to your bike.

Remember, even if you are partially at fault, you may be entitled to a bike accident settlement, especially if you have experienced and aggressive bike accident attorneys on your side.

While it is never enjoyable to get into a bike accident, having an attorney who will carefully and aggressively represent you can maximize your chances of getting a good bike accident settlement.