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How You Can Know If You Qualify For Uncontested Divorce:

If you and your spouse agree to the terms of your divorce, particularly pertaining to property division, custody, and support, then you may be able to file an uncontested divorce. Court forms are available that allow divorcing couples to do their own paperwork, but all too often people make errors that need to be fixed later. This can include giving away assets or support options that you didn’t intend to or including decisions that are not enforceable by the court. Retaining the services of a lawyer at the outset of the process can help you to avoid costly mistakes and high legal fees later.

We represent those who are filing for uncontested divorce. Our attorneys are well-informed on the laws and guidelines for divorce in our state. We are dedicated to providing our clients with tailored, workable solutions during divorce.

Even if a divorce is non-contested, the courts still require a waiting period of 90 days unless you file a motion to waive that time requirement. You also will be required to take a divorce education class and submit certain documents to support your case. We can help you work through these matters to help you avoid delay caused if the court rejects your documents.


Additionally, many people go through the mediation process when seeking an uncontested divorce. It is important to talk with an attorney even if you intend to mediate. Mediators do not represent individual parties and are not able to give legal advice to individual parties. You may be waiving rights without knowing it if you mediate without consulting an attorney.

Whether in mediation or in informal negotiations, our attorneys can guide you through the divorce process. Our goal is to help you find a divorce agreement that gives you your rights under Utah law and fits your unique situation.

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