Top 3 things you must do in a custody case

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3 Things To Prepare For A Custody Case:

  • Actions you make based upon an emotional response may hurt you in front of the court. I.E. parties who have been hurt by the other party may want to keep them away from the children. This is generally a bad idea. On the other hand, there are important steps to take to protect your claim to custody.
  • Because every decision is potentially emotionally charged, you need to consult with an attorney.  This helps make sure you see clearly and have insight from someone with a lot of court experience. You need an attorney to help build confidence with the court. This will help establish you as someone the court can trust with the children.
  • You should know that the court is unlikely to reverse the status quo which you create.  This is important to know before making a decision about where to live and who will move out. For example, the parent who has custody of school age children is generally given temporary use of the house so that the friends, school, and activities of the children continue uninterrupted as much as possible. If you move out of the house, this may hurt your chances for custody. Another example is that if you let the other party move out with your children, it may hurt your chances for custody.

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