3 Tips for getting through the divorce process

Going through the divorce process can be stressful. There is often uncertainty, unfairness, and incivility, among other challenges. These challenges can both make your life difficult and interfere with your case. It is worth finding ways to overcome the challenges, even mid-divorce.

The attorneys at Christensen Law are Utah divorce lawyers. They are accustomed to handling divorce, custody, and other family law matters for local and out-of-state clients. Below, Christensen Law provides some tips that may help you. However, keep in mind that all situations are different. For advice tailored to you, you should consult a Utah divorce attorney.

Tip #1: Stay Organized and Keep Up with Things

You need to know what to ask the court to rule on. And, you will need to gather the evidence or testimony to support your arguments. Even if represented by an attorney, you need to coordinate with him or her.  If you want the court to split bank accounts, you need to show account statements. If the other side is harassing you with texts, you need to show the texts. Perhaps you are disputing alimony, and if so you will need to track and document expenses.

Tip #2: Try to Stay Calm During Hearings and Mediation

Feeling strong emotions is to be expected. However, if you lose control at a key moment, there could be long-term consequences. At hearings or trial, your demeanor in the courtroom will have a direct effect on the outcome of the hearing. The judge will note your behavior. Even if he or she does not, negative behavior will distract your attorney. As for mediation, you often will be in an entirely separate room with only your attorney. But, if you are not calm, you may make poor decisions that will have long-term consequences.

Tip #3: Consider Therapy or Counseling

A divorce is a big change and typically comes with an assortment of emotional issues. It may be that therapy or counseling could prove useful. A therapist or counselor can help you overcome the
emotional injury associated with divorce. He or she could help you find constructive ways to address ongoing challenges. And, he or she can help you learn how to develop the skills to deal with an ex-spouse.