How To Get A Temporary Order Enforced


What do I file to get a temp order enforced? In a divorce? The opposing party is claiming they will not be adhering to part of the temp orders. They do not see the need. It is not something that will cost them anything but something that I need as a benefit to me, they are being vindictive, plain and simple. what can I file to make them adhere to this part? When I file should I mention other threats he has made in regards to other parts of the order or just stick to the part I need enforced?


Stick to the violation that has already occurred. The court will not consider an issue before performance is required under the order. In order to enforce an order, you generally need to file a motion with the court. Once you file your motion, you need to ask the court to set a hearing. You need to serve the motion and the hearing notice on the other party. However, in Salt Lake County, if the issue relates to parent time, you will need to have a parent time mediation before the court will hold a hearing. Click on the link “Mediation Tips” below for more information.

Peter ChristensenHow To Get A Temporary Order Enforced