Personal Injury & Statutes of Limitations

If you have been injured you should consider consulting with an attorney soon.  If believe you might have a claim against those responsible you should check out the statutes of limitations.

What Are Statutes Of Limitations?

In Utah, laws have been passed that give a time-limit for being able to file a claim. These laws are called statutes of limitation.

These statutes serve as a deadline for filing various legal actions, including personal injury. Typically, a statute of limitation starts running on the date of the injury. It can also start on the date when the injured party discovered or should have discovered their injury.

If the deadline for your lawsuit has already passed, the defendant need only point this out to the court.  The action will be dismissed no matter how grievous the injury or need of the plaintiff.

What Are My Options?

Those who have suffered an injury for which another party is responsible need not sue or even sue immediately.  It might not be advisable to sue immediately.  However, it is wise for them to know the date by which they must commence their lawsuit.

Statutes of limitations are not always black and white—they can be tolled (a legal term for extended, basically) and the day from which they began to run is not always immediately apparent. The best way to learn the deadline you must file your lawsuit by is to consult an attorney.

At Christensen Law, we can help you ascertain the applicable statute of limitations and help you weigh your options with regard to your prospective personal injury lawsuit in general.

In addition to the deadline by which you must file your lawsuit, there may be other important dates or time periods that affect your claim. There may also be steps you should take soon so as to ensure that your lawsuit will be as successful as possible.

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