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Representing Both Mothers and Fathers in Paternity Actions

Many people handle parental rights informally when they are separating but are not married. However, it is as important for parents who are unmarried to get a court order of custody and support as it is for divorcing parents. It is important to legally establish parent time and custody even if there is no dispute between the parents. Circumstances may change. Without an order of custody, neither parent has a superior right to care for the children. Also, a right to claim child support for past years can only be raised in Utah for four years from the date of the formal petition to the court.

We have successfully helped many parents determine custody and support for unmarried parents so that there is stability for both parents and for the children.

In order to establish paternity, one of two things must happen:

  1. Acknowledgment of paternity by both parents
  1. DNA testing to confirm paternity if it is not voluntarily admitted

We represent either mothers or fathers in paternity actions, as well as in the resulting custody and support matters. Our attorneys will educate you regarding your options and advocate for your rights and interests during all court proceedings. Ultimately, the best interests of the child are paramount, and we will work with you to resolve matters with his or her welfare in mind.

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