A Legal Answer About An ORS Case


Would it be a bad thing for me to have an ORS case opened and how do I obtain custody? I am currently receiving benefits from the state. For me to continue my financial I am supposed to cooperate with ORS and open a case on the father of my baby. But workforce does have a good cause where if a person qualifies they can be excused from opening a case with ORS if there is domestic violence involved or anything of the sort.

The paternity hasn’t been established if I open the case with ORS it will be. And recently I’ve had my ex(who is a possibly) threatening me and my baby and saying he is gonna come take her and go to Washington. Where their laws are different and I would have to fight for custody and there is nothing I can do. How long till I have to let them get a paternity. I’m afraid he will try and take her. Should I get custody of her and how do I do that?


Definitely, ask the court for a custody order. Until you file with the courts, you do not have custodial rights that you can enforce if he takes the baby. You should also file for a temporary custody order as soon as you file a custody complaint with the court. The court can usually give you a custody order within 30 days. This will fix the jurisdiction in Utah as long as you live here. It will also give you a legal basis to enforce custody. If he is threatening to take the child out of state you may want to ask for travel restrictions. If you click on the link “Custody Order” below, you will have tips on what to ask the court for.