What To Do When Faced With Mediation

Question Asking For Mediation Tips

I have a question about mediation tips.  Could you stop your ex wife for suing or taking you to Mediation? After the decree and mediation it was agree the debts were split in half.


No, only the court can stop a suit. If your ex wife sues you, you have limited options. You should seek legal advice from an attorney to decide which option is best. First you may have a basis for a Motion to Dismiss or for a Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings. Second, if you cannot get the court to dismiss, you must answer the suit. If you do not, the judge can and likely will rule in her favor. If the decree requires you to mediate any dispute before going to court, you can ask the court for an order compelling mediation. Also, if you have a claim that she has not paid her share of the debts, you must bring that to the court in an enforcement motion. However, you only need to do this if the creditor is coming against you or if her noncompliance is affecting your credit. Click on my blog “Mediation Tips” below for further information.

Peter ChristensenWhat To Do When Faced With Mediation