How To Get Joint Custody In Different States

Question About Joint Custody Different States

Can I get at least joint custody after moving from another state to find a job? There is currently no formal custody established. I left CA for lack of work though I keep contact with my kids. I now have a stable job and home and am able to provide a good school and child care. I’d like to attempt joint custody. The mom and kids are still in CA and I don’t belive she is going to cooperate. Do I have a chance? Where is the best place to start?


You have a strong chance to get parent time with your children even though they are in California. To start a custody case you need to file Complaint with the Court. This would have to be in the location where the kids have been for the last six months. California can enter a parent time award that allows you to have the children in Utah. If your thought is that they continue in school in California, you would need to ask for parent time during their school breaks. For more information about what to ask for, click on the link “Custody Order” below.


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How To Get Joint Custody In Different States