How To Make Own Parent Time Schedule


Custody – Part-time schedule amendment questions Utah. When agreeing to joint custody, are my ex and I able to come up with our own schedule. For example, instead of 111 days with dad and 254 days with mom, could we make out own numbers? I know there is an amendment in the works for extended parent time with 145 nights for dad and 220 nights for mom. Can we agree to our own schedule in mediation? Can my ex take me back to court and change this at any time? Ideally we would have a minimum schedule we agree upon in mediation, and just work it out from there going forward (maybe a little more days, maybe a little less), but I need to know what the different possibilities for this are. Thanks!


The court ultimately decides what is in the best interests of a child for divorcing parents. However, if you reach your own parent time agreement, no matter what it is, the court will probably follow it. I have not seen a court second guess the parents’ time share agreements in 20 years of practicing in this area unless one of the parents disputes it. Before you go to mediation you should review the two links, “Mediation Tips” and “Custody Orders” below for a check list and ideas on what mediation offers.

Peter ChristensenHow To Make Own Parent Time Schedule