How To Keep Supervised Parenting Time


Can supervised parent time be dissolved that easily? Supervised because of DV but is also waiting on a psycho-sexual evaluation. My ex is on supervised that was put in place in exchange for my dismissal of an ex parte protective order, and only visited the kids 2x in 6 months. we had 4 supervisors, but could agree on others. I refused to agree with 1 he asked for before the order changed to paid supervisors (in mediation) is that horrible?

Its been 2 months since the change and he just contacted 1 of 2 paid supervisors, after meeting w/ her I emailed her & told her I needed to cancel my contract w/ her. I told my ex’s lawyer he can use her but I have no reason to have a contract with her. (He is responsible for all fees) I am also worried that she has no sick child policy. Now he says he is working on getting rid of supervised visitation and the steps that requires. I AM SCARED. Am I in contempt? Can he do that?


I would step back and look at this situation from the perspective of the Court. The Court is not well equipped to monitor day to day decisions on visitation. Supervision is difficult to leave in place for extended periods of time for that reason. On the other hand your ex has agreed to supervision. If you want that order to stay in place, you should agree to people who can make themselves available to supervise. If you are making supervision difficult and the squabble about supervisors is in effect denying your ex visitation, the court will start to look for other options to make sure the child is safe. Click on the link “Custody Order” below for other factors you should consider in your custody order.

Peter ChristensenHow To Keep Supervised Parenting Time