How To Get Full Custody Without Visitation Rights


Can I get full custody with no visitation? My husband has cheated on me since day one. When my daughter was being born he was texting his ex-girlfriend dirty pictures back and forth. He is very aggressive with my daughter and he beat up my disabled dad in front of her. He has a statutory rape charge when he was 16. Today, me and my friends and daughter went to an expo and he would not leave me alone, he followed me to the bathroom and waited for me to come out. He was being very aggressive and I thought he might hit me. I asked him to leave me alone at least 50 times and he would not while I was holding my daughter. I am very worried he might hurt her. My daughter is about 15 months old.


In order to have custody, you will need to file a petition in the district court. In that Petition, you would ask the court to award custody to you. You do not need to ask for parent time for the father, but he may do so. If he does, you can ask to limit his time. You should do this quickly if you are afraid about the safety of your daughter. Until there is an order, you will be vulnerable.

It would be wise to be present for any parent time until there is an order. You may also want a support person there. It may raise potential issues of Stalking and the need for a protective order. You should discuss these with someone at the court or with an attorney. If you have questions about what to include in your custody petition, clink on the link “Custody Order” below.


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How To Get Full Custody Without Visitation Rights