Gathering Information for a Divorce

In a divorce decree, the part of the decree that declares that the parties are divorced is only a small part.

In many cases, the court must also make orders regarding child custody, child support, spousal support, and the parties’ real property, personal property, debts, and other financial concerns. It is therefore wise for a person preparing for or currently in a divorce to gather information and records on all of those topics. That information will help the attorneys analyze the case, the parties negotiate at the settlement table, and the judges and commissioners render a fully-informed decision.

Therefore, if you are preparing for or currently in a divorce proceeding, you should start looking to gather information. Below, I have listed some examples, though not all will necessarily apply to your situation:

Child Custody

If you want custody of your children, you should probably gather any sort of record or document events that show you have been taking care of your children. This could include signed school forms, records of attendance at parent-teacher conferences, etc. You will also want to show that you have interacted with your children.

Child Support

You will want to gather information about your income and your spouse’s income.

Spousal Support

The courts look to see if one spouse can afford to pay and whether the other spouse needs it. You will want to gather information about your income and your spouse’s income and carefully document your monthly expenses. You will be able to fill out a form to inform the court of your monthly expenses, but records help bolster your claims.

Property, Debts, Finances

The courts will divide these equitably. You will want to show a complete documentation of property you own, financial accounts you have, and debts you owe. You should gather bank statements, bills, and other information that show ownership and give information.

At Christensen Law, we can help you with all aspects of your divorce and advise you more specifically based on your situation.