What To Do When Falsely Accused By Your Ex


In 2012, I was accused by my ex and his mother during one of his visits with his daughter (he voluntarily terminated his parental rights in Dec 2014) for “assaulting him” and called the police on me and filed two charges against me. At the time, I was barely able to hire a lawyer and for him to show up at court for $2000. Make my story short, I pleaded ‘no contest’ because 1. I wasn’t about to plead guilty to something I didn’t do. 2. If I pleaded not guilty I was told that this can end up in trial and it can cost a lot, which something that I wasn’t able to afford at the time.

I was ordered by the court to attend a love & logic class, $300 fine, get fingerprints at the adult detention center and 6 months of probation and after I was done with all that my case was dismissed. But here is the problem. Even though they dismissed my case, they never arrested me. My lawyer told me that once they dismissed my case, this will all go away. Well, guess what, it’s not. My mug shot is now published for past 2 years now for something that I absolutely did NOT do. What are my rights? Is there anything I can do to remove it? Do I need to drag my ex to court for filing faults accusations? I am more than fed up with our “justice” system.


You should file a motion to expunge the matter. To do this you will first need to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from BCI.