How To Prepare Divorce Stipulations


I have decided to divorce my husband, How much roughly should I expect to pay? We have 2 kids under 2. Please help.  We would like to be civil about it but i know if i I don’t get an attorney he’ll talk me out of it. We have a 2 yo boy and a 2 month little girl. I am 23 and he is 29. I know super young and I know that when I confront him about my decision he is going to try to fight and change my mind. So, I would like to be prepared with papers and the conditions I would like to live by. Please help as I have no idea where to go from here. We have no house and only one car which I’m willing to give to him. I’m hoping it will be simple but i need advice. Thank you.


You should expect to pay at least $1,500 to draw up an agreement and file a stipulated divorce. If he will not agree to your proposed terms of custody, parent time or support, you should expect to spend more for representation. Even if you do not have the funds to hire an attorney for your divorce, you should plan to spend at least $500 to have an attorney advise you on what a court would likely do in your case and to look over documents that you prepare yourself. Also keep in mind that even if you have papers ready to sign, Utah has a 90 day waiting period from the time you file for divorce until can get a divorce.