Divorce Settlement Modification

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“How to Modify your Settlement… In the way you want it to be modified:

If you are unhappy with your divorce settlement or if your settlement is out of date because of changing circumstance then you can get a divorce settlement modification.  We can help.

We have argued to the trial court, the Utah Court of Appeals and the Utah Supreme Court issues.

We represent clients in all types of post-divorce modification matters. We understand the criteria the court considers when reviewing a request for modification, and we know how to get the modification you want.

Whether you are seeking a modification or you need to challenge one that is being proposed by your former spouse, we understand the law that applies to your case.

We also have experience representing clients who need help in the enforcement of orders. If your former spouse is not making scheduled support payments, or you are not getting the proper time with your children, we can help you.

Contact us now to discuss your modification questions and learn more about how we can help you. Call us now at 801-303-5800.  You may also email us at ssc@ccplawyers.com if that is more convenient for you.  For our records, could you please mention the code 15-E when you call in so that we can schedule a free 30-minute consultation for you.