How To File For Divorce

Question About How Divorce Filing Works:

I have a question about Divorce Filing In Utah. How can I find an attorney? I have two kids and I can’t not see them on weekends. I started sending them 50 dollars a week now.



Sending support money without a court order is a show of good faith. It is a good idea to continue sending money for your kids. When you file for divorce, you will likely be ordered to pay back support, so it is good to start now. The sooner you can hire an attorney and file for divorce the better. The court can enter immediate, enforceable parent time orders for you. To get this, you should file a motion for temporary orders when you file for divorce. The court should set a hearing for the end of March. If you have other questions, contact us or click on my blog link “Custody Orders” below. This has a suggested list of request to the court in your divorce action.


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How To File For Divorce