Do I need a Divorce attorney if we agree on the terms?

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How To Know If You Need An Attorney

You do not need an attorney to file a case whether you agree with your ex-spouse on the terms of the divorce or not. For those who qualify as low income, however, Legal Aid in Salt Lake County provides free legal services. You may want to ask an attorney for advice to make sure that you have covered the terms that you will need in the future.

For those who do not qualify for Legal Aid, the court provides online forms that you can use to submit your own divorce paperwork.

When To Consider An Attorney


But keep in mind that an hour of an attorney’s time now may help you avoid a year of litigation later because the stipulation does not provide a necessary order about what happens in changing circumstances or because the order agreed to is not enforceable. For example, the parties generally cannot agree to waive or discount child support. Even if they try, it is likely that the other party could enforce the Utah statutory support guidelines. Also, the parties cannot always enforce an agreement to change custody because it may not be in a child’s best interest at the time.

For those who are close to an agreement, it may be helpful to mediate rather than fight in court. However, the process of mediation does not protect your individual rights. Mediators do not represent the parties and are not to advise about what is in their best interest. If you go to mediation without talking to your own attorney, you may be giving up rights you did not know you had.

If you believe you have a potential case, Call Now to meet with an Expert Attorney for a free 30-minute consultation. 801-303-5800