What Are My Rights Dealing With DCFS?


Is there any way to get help fighting DCFS? I have been involved with DCFS for over a year now they have destroyed my family my marriage and my kids. It started when one of my daughters self-harmed and was in the hospital. The hospital recommended sending her to a treatment facility. We did not have the money for this. DCFS was called that is where the problem begins. They threaded to take our kid from us by using scare tack ticks my wife caved and sighed. Then the problems began they investigated us for the abuse they made up a bunch of false accusations about me . I called there Ombudsman he investigated and found everything that I thought and then some. I have the report but that proves they did this But they will not do anything to fix the damage that was done. How do I get help??


Generally, a government entity is immune from this kind of suit except in rare situations which you should discuss with an attorney. The facts you present do not get around immunity. If you still have an open case with DCFS, you can and should get help from an attorney who can represent your interests or your children’s interests before DCFS. Once DCFS has involved it is very important for you to document your interactions and compliance with their recommendations. What DCFS requests should be complied with quickly and diligently? The court process, like DCFS, can be easily misunderstood. Consult my blog “Most Important Facts” below for more information.