What To Do When Your Child Is In DCFS Custody

Question About DCFS Custody

Can the state give DCFS custody of my daughter to her grandmother during a truancy review? They never even gave me a chance. The court never said that custody was an issue. They had never said that it was going to be taken from me.  Nor did they give me a chance. They actually gave her back to her grandma. She washed her hands of how she was skipping school, suicidal and had two new piercings.  I had taken her into home study and counseling.


If the state has custody of your daughter, DCFS has the right to determine who to place your daughter with. However, the court oversees this decision. If the state removed your daughter from your custody, the court will set a shelter hearing within three days. We call this a temporary custodial arrangement, which the court can change at any time.  You can file a motion with the court at other times with your custody request, but your request must be timely. You should retain counsel to help you meet the very strict deadlines in Juvenile Court.