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What To Do When You Get Injured Working Construction:

Even though construction is an inherently dangerous profession, accidents would be rare if the construction trade focused more on basic safety standards and used suitable equipment. Serious injuries in construction accidents are usually the result of negligence by manufacturers, suppliers, building contractors, supervisors or co-workers.

Too often, corporations cut corners to increase profits or finish a job sooner. Failure by your employer to comply with the requirements unnecessarily puts you at risk for injury.

There are a few things that can aid you to help you build a strong case. For example, during our investigation of your case, we would look for negligence such as:

  • Defective equipment
  • Wear and tear on older equipment
  • Incomplete inspection of worksite tools
  • Failure to supply safety gear
  • Inadequate training provided by contractor
  • Lack of supervision on site

We then construct a solid case against the people and entities responsible for your injuries. We consult with engineers, doctors and building professionals to determine the cause of your accident, collect relevant evidence and present a strong case for recovery.

We are experienced and methodical in investigating and building cases for workers who have been injured on construction sites.

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