How Child Support In Utah Works


What Child Support Is:

Parents have a responsibility to feed, house, and otherwise, support their children. Child support in Utah is not typically an issue when parents are married, living together with their children, and sharing one household budget. But with divorce, one household becomes two. The parents do not typically earn the same amount of money and often do not share custody of the children 50/50.

How The Court Determines How Much You Pay:

It falls to a court to determine how much money the parents should be contributing to support their children. The court makes its decision based on how much money the parents earn (or can earn) and other factors. The court then allocates to each parent control of a portion of the total amount of money needed to support the children based on how much time each parent spends with the children. This means one parent will be obliged to make a monthly child support payment to the other parent.

How To Calculate Child Support:

The child support payment is typically calculated according to the statute. However, many people don’t realize what resources are available to them. As with Child Support, it is easy to find an online calculator to give you an idea of how much you might have to pay. A simple, easy-to-use calculator can be found online at

Where To Go If You Have More Questions About Child Support In Utah:

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