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Our Response to COVID-19

At Christensen Law, our attorneys remain committed to serving our clients in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah. We have taken a safe and proactive approach to the novel coronavirus pandemic to ensure that we can continue to provide the same quality of service that you’ve come to depend on from us. We’re committed to

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How to Change Jurisdiction for Child Custody

In divorce and family law cases involving children, the court must ascertain whether it has custody jurisdiction. In other words, the court must make a determination about whether it has authority to decide custody and visitation issues. Custody jurisdiction is not a big issue in the average family law case. The other parent in the

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How Do You Get an Annulment in Utah?

In Utah, and in the United States as a whole, the most common way to end a marriage is through a divorce. However, in some very specific circumstances, it is actually possible to get an annulment instead. While annulments are less common, they may be a better option for your specific situation and may save

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Going to Trial

Some family law cases go to trial despite attempts to settle beforehand. At Christensen Law, the attorneys have experience with custody and divorce cases in Utah. We have experience with both amicably settling cases and taking cases to trial. Below, we provide some tips for those who are going to trial now or may be

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What happens to the house in a divorce?

In divorce cases, among other things, the court is tasked with dividing the property of the spouses.  Or, ideally, the parties mediate their divorce out of court and must find a way to divide the property.  This division, in or out of court, can include real estate such as the marital house. There are a

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When is the Case Over and Does It Matter?

Is your case over?  It is good practice to ensure that you understand whether a case is over, or finalized. Whether a case is final or not determines your options and liabilities going forward. This applies to divorce cases, custody cases, personal injury cases, and other civil cases. At Christensen Law, in Salt Lake City,

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How to Defend Yourself against a Petition to Modify Custody

A custody order in a divorce or paternity case is not permanent. Until the children reach age eighteen, either parent can petition the court to modify the prior custody award. This is true even if the current custody award was negotiated as part of a settlement or stipulation. The courts understand that circumstances can change

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How to Modify a Child Custody Order

Changing circumstances may lead parents to decide to modify their child custody order. This post explores how to change a child custody order. This post only covers basic, general information regarding this topic.  For specific advice tailored to your circumstances, you should consult a Utah custody attorney. Change of Custody by Stipulation Sometimes, parents find

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What is a custody evaluation and what happens after a custody evaluation?

What is a custody evaluation? In Utah, the courts sometimes order custody evaluations. This can happen in divorce, paternity, modification, or other custody cases. And then, the court with input from the parties appoints an evaluator. If available, the evaluator will inform the court. From there, the evaluator receives standard instructions, and the parties receive

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