Does Utah allow bifurcation of a marriage?  

Question About Bifurcation Divorce Utah

I have a question about bifurcation divorce Utah.  Can I file for that separate from the divorce? Or does it have to be a mutual agreement? It’s all early, but I think my divorce may take years to settle.

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Yes. Utah law allows the parties to file a motion to bifurcate the divorce. The trial judge has wide discretion to grant a bifurcated divorce. If the parties agree to a bifurcation, it makes the decision easier for a judge. There may be good reasons to grant a bifurcation, such as the parties want to remarry. However, some courts do not like bifurcation because it takes some incentive away to finalize the divorce or it deprives one of the parties of economical health insurance. You should consult an attorney about how to best present your facts to get a bifurcation. Also, you may want to consider mediating this issue with the other party.

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