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Protect Your Rights When Alimony is Being Requested

Determining the amount of alimony that will likely be ordered can be complex since an exact calculation is not set by state statute. Instead, alimony is determined by a set of factors, such as the needs of the requesting party, earning capacity and ability to pay alimony. As experienced divorce lawyers, we can evaluate your situation to determine how to present your facts in a case where alimony will be requested.

We have handled hundreds of alimony cases. Many of the alimony cases have been complex because the clients have been affluent, have income producing properties or because a family business is involved. We will fully assess both parties’ finances and history to determine what amount of alimony/if any a court is likely to award. We will advise you about the best approach to protect your rights in a case where alimony is requested.

Alimony In Utah

Utah laws regarding alimony have not changed significantly in the past 15 years. However, laws regarding alimony give courts a wide degree of latitude in fixing alimony. The laws are designed to maintain a lifestyle similar to the one the parties were accustomed to in the marriage for both spouses. We have handled cases where the divorce happens on the cusp of finishing school or getting a high-paying job.

These cases present interesting issues when the parties have not lived a high lifestyle yet. Often in these cases, the judge will consider whether the spouse requesting alimony has contributed to the schooling to place the other spouse in a higher earning capacity. Also, judges will commonly impute income to spouses who are unemployed or underemployed, based on their earning potential in awarding alimony.

Determining what a court is likely to award requires consideration of many factors. At our firm, we fully evaluate all factors related to alimony, including offers to pay in a lump sum or offers to exchange for the other spouse’s share of marital property, retirement accounts or other assets in exchange for alimony. Our goal is to ensure you have the information you need to make the settlement and litigation decisions that are in your best interest.

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