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In divorce and family law cases involving children, the court must ascertain whether it has custody jurisdiction. In other words, the court must make a determination about whether it has authority to decide custody and visitation issues. Custody jurisdiction is not a big issue in the average family law case. The other parent in the

How Do You Get an Annulment in Utah?

In Utah, and in the United States as a whole, the most common way to end a marriage is through a divorce. However, in some very specific circumstances, it is actually possible to get an annulment instead. While annulments are less common, they may be a better option for your specific situation and may save

Going to Trial

Some family law cases go to trial despite attempts to settle beforehand. At Christensen Law, the attorneys have experience with custody and divorce cases in Utah. We have experience with both amicably settling cases and taking cases to trial. Below, we provide some tips for those who are going to trial now or may be

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