Create the best chance for your legal victory:

At the law offices of Christensen, Corbett and Pankratz, we have a very specific process to assure our clients as much as possible that they can win their case in court.

With this process, we are able to close more than 90% of our cases (which number in the hundreds) with positive settlements or outcomes for our clients.  We realize that going to court can be very intimidating and do everything we can to help our clients be successful with their cases.

In one of our cases, our clients had gone to two other attorneys first who told them they didn’t have a way to recover damages. When they came to us, by using our process, we found that they were entitled to a check from the insurance company for $800,000!

Here’s how our process works:

First, on initial consultation we listen carefully to your story before anything else. We recognize the value of knowing and trusting you and making sure that feeling is mutual before we work together.

After we have a thorough understanding of you and your situation, we gather all documents you have that relate to the case. We read through each and every one of these documents, looking for helpful evidence that could be beneficial to your case.

Once we’ve conducted a thorough and careful review of the documents, we then make a thorough search of the law that applies to your case. Then we make recommendations that we think would be best for your case. We make sure you have a solid and accurate understanding of which course of action is best for you. We also discuss your alternatives in depth as well so you can make an informed decision.

Once you determine a course of action, we file the appropriate documents with the court and seek outside information through subpoenas and other information requests. In this way we can determine the strength of a case before making a settlement demand or asking the court for a trial date.

This process may seem simple and intuitive to you, but you would be surprised how often these steps are overlooked. We make sure to be thorough so you get the biggest bang for your buck when you hire us.

Remember the client mentioned earlier that we found $800,000 for? We weren’t the first attorneys they talked to, but we were the most thorough and that’s why we settled their case.

Not only that, but all of our partners have significant trial experience in front of judges and juries. With this experience we can tell you the strength of your case early on before you spend significant amounts in fees. We also can tell you how to prepare the case for the best possible outcome.

We specialize in family law, personal injury law and civil litigation. We’ve had great success in representing our clients. For example, we’ve recovered over $2,000,000 for our clients in personal injury cases alone.

Just a few areas of law we’ve experienced great success in includes:

  1. Divorce, support, alimony and property division
  2. Child custody
  3. Personal Injury – including wrongful death
  4. Contract Law – enforcement of contract, business dissolution, collections
  5. Employment Law – wrongful termination, employment contracts, discrimination
  6. Property Law – real estate contracts, enforcing Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, rights in homeowners associations
  7. Property Torts – wrongful lien, disparagement of title, title insurance claims

A Very Special Offer:

If you call us now we will give you a special offer. When you come in to our office, or call on the phone, if after a 30 minute consultation, you don’t think that we are the attorneys for you, we won’t charge you! If you call now and schedule an appointment, we will make time to see you as soon as you are available, and again, if you don’t want to hire us, we won’t charge you for that first consultation.

You can call us now at (801)441- 0507, or email us at ssc@ccplawyers.com. We know you have great expectations when you call us and we’re here to meet those expectations. We will work for you to give you the help you need in court.

We are here for you.

Call us now at (801)441- 0507 or email us at ssc@ccplawyers.com to set up an appointment with one of our representatives so we can help you.